my cousin got her boobs signed by jesy and she said “ooooh boobie time” i love jesy [x] - JESY NELSON + BOOBS

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Little Mix + Neon Lights Tour

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Don’t date anyone who won’t watch wrestling with you.

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Cher Lloyd X Factor Week Three: No Diggity/Shout

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Imagine sitting beside your icon on a 14 hours plane ride

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also tell me about mox being bos imaginary friend

I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS IDEA MORE. LIKE I NEED FIC ABOUT THIS NOW. where bo is this sweet little innocent child and his imaginary friend is the rough and tough kid who thinks he’s better than the whole world. and bo thinks he is too. and he totally has mox as his imaginary friend for a long ass time. way longer than normal kids would have imaginary friends. i’m talking 18 years old with an imaginary best friend who grew up as he did. and who helped bo discover everything about himself.

mox was in the room when bo had his first kiss. the first time bo ever had to take a girl’s bra off, mox actually talked him through it. and obvs i’d turn it into some schmoopy love drama fic where bo totally falls for this imaginary nerd he calls a best friend. and i don’t want mox to disappear, but i think we all know how this would have to end.

(lol publishing this so i don’t lose it)

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